Yokaiswap x Tempest Labs 2-in-1 Whitelist Spots

yokai x tempest whitelist

By now, you know that Tempest Labs is on a mission to grow the Nervos Network ecosystem.

It’s a sleeping giant and it’s time for it to be awoken.

The Nervos ecosystem can only grow when all of its participants rise up together, which is why we’re thrilled to help celebrate the launch of Yokaiswap’s Tanuki NFTs and the YokaiDojo NFT marketplace by announcing our 2-in-1 Whitelist Spots offer.

2-in-1 Whitelist Details

For the Tempest community, Yokaiswap is offering 10 whitelist spots. By being whitelisted, you will receive:

  • 48 hours earlier access to mint your Yokai NFT
  • Guaranteed Yokai NFT minting (total supply is only 3,333)
  • 20% discount for whitelisters (minting price is $15 in $CKB tokens)

Additionally, due to high demand, Tempest Labs has also launched our own whitelist for those interested in participating in our future public sale.

In order to qualify to win one of Yokai’s 10 whitelist spots, perform all of the following tasks:

  1. Retweet and tag 3 friends in this Tweet
  2. Follow @yokaiswap and @tempest_labs
  3. Join Yokai’s and Tempest’s Discord
  4. Sign up for the Tempest whitelist*
  5. Post screenshots of the above as proof

For this event, review the following important dates and its details:

  • August 18th – Yokai x Tempest event launches
  • August 22nd – Yokai x Tempest event ends at 4pm GMT and 10 winners will be randomly chosen for Yokai’s NFT whitelist
    • Our team will reach out to you via Twitter DM to request your Metamask wallet address. Please be quick to respond, otherwise your whitelist spot will be released to the general public
  • August 24th – Yokai’s whitelist winners can begin minting 48 hours earlier than the general public
  • August 26th – Yokai’s NFT minting for the general public begins

For any questions regarding this event, please ask in our Discord channel.

Best of luck!

*The whitelist and token sale are subject to your country’s laws and regulations. Citizens of the following countries are restricted from participating in the public sale due to local securities laws: the United States of America and its territories and jurisdictions in which the sale of cryptocurrencies is prohibited, restricted, or unauthorized in any form or matter whether in full or part under the country’s laws.