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Our R&D lab is building an innovative complete tech stack for rapidly building verifiably safe Dapps in a fraction of the cost and time

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Build Without Limits

Everything you need to build your Dapp.

Validity: a visual, logic- and proof-based smart contracts language

Trampoline: a full-stack Dapp development framework

Solver Network: an autonomous and decentralized operating system (OS)

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Tempest OS

Build With Web3’s Operating System (OS)

Web3 is screaming for mass adoption, yet the barriers to entry are extremely high and complicated.

Our R&D lab is building a universal layer that easily interacts with the most popular L1s and L2s.

Update the Universal Smart Contract and our OS can seamlessly flow the updates to your chosen connected blockchains.

Build Multi-chain

The Solver Network is a decentralized & incentivized constraint solving & proof search network responsible for generating state changes.

Feel limitless when building your Dapp by utilizing a new paradigm for smart contracts: programmable automata, powered by our partnership with the former Head of Amazon’s AI Assistant, Alexa.

What will you build?


  • Create DEX features such as limit orders, stop losses, impermanent loss protection, and zero slippage
  • Setting threshold rules on DeFi lending protocols, where Solvers can automatically move assets to the user’s wallet to avoid liquidation on debt positions in danger of becoming under-collateralized
  • Automate dollar-cost-averaging
  • Take the yield earned from staking/farming and automatically re-invest in specified tokens


  • Automatically transfer funds to DAO payroll wallet and pay salaries on set intervals: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Set rules for automatic voting

NFTs and Gaming

  • Automatically updating NFTs and gaming digital assets based on specified rules: achieving levels, market conditions, news updates, etc
  • Updating leaderboards, verifying accuracy, and automatic distributions of rewards
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